Squeeze My Hand – Letterpress & Design joins Soiree Philadelphia!

We LOVE letterpress…. there is just something so special about that thick paper – the weight, the feel – you know you are holding something special…

When I first talked with Jessa of Squeeze My Hand, I knew she would be a perfect fit for Soiree Philadelphia!  First of all, her story of where the name comes from is simply magic:

“Squeeze my hand got it’s name from my love story. When we were dating, my now husband used to squeeze my hand three times: one squeeze for each word in “I love you”. The response from me was four squeezes for “I love you too”. He and his mom used to have this code when he was young, and he passed it along to me.”

…and now, we introduce “The Beast” (Jessa’s amazing letterpress machine):

I found Princess Beast in Virginia Beach, VA in February 2011.  Her previous owner had taken her from an old printer and had her sitting in his shop for over 10 years. He thought the press was very unique and did not want to scrap it, thank goodness! My husband and I drove 5 hours south from New Jersey to meet her. It was love at first sight. Princess Beast is a Chandler and Price 12 x 18, and therefore a huge piece of machinery. She weighs 2300 lbs.  I love working with her. She is a beast when she’s printing her heart out and a cast iron princess (nothing really dainty about her), therefore Princess Beast!  We have recently towed her from Texas and she is working hard printing fun things for me and my clients.

“Beast it, Princess”—- motivational speech to my press

Here are just a few examples of Jessa’s amazing work:



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